Gifts of compassion for those suffering loss, bereavement or sudden life hardship.

Seeds of Strength, Encouragement Card ~ Click on the thumbnail picture next to the description for a view of the card stretched out on a shelf.

Seeds of Strength, Encouragement Card
Seeds of Strength, Encouragement Card
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Description of this work of art

Seeds of Strength, Encouragement Card
This card was created to offer more than the average encouragement card. Soft cream in background color, it includes several serene and beautiful nature photos offset by soothing words. It is designed to appreciate as a keepsake piece of life healing art. It opens accordion like enabling it to sit displayed on a shelf or mantel. Each card includes a minimum of 4 photos (it is like you're getting 3 cards in one) and a perennial floral seed packet of butterfly weed (10 seeds included). The hope is that the process of planting and nourishing life will help encourage and manifest the strength required to persevere. Card size is 5"x2 1/2". Retail value is $10 plus shipping and handling and tax if applicable.

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