Gifts of compassion for those suffering loss, bereavement or sudden life hardship.

It is my aspiration to help you manifest happiness into your life by creating a picture reflective of your inner most hopes and dreams. Allow me to draw a picture of you doing or enjoying whatever you like most; you in your happy place! Thoughts are powerful and they can influence reality. By gazing at images expressive of your own mindís eye, this vision can evoke positive feelings that validate such thoughts and invite opportunity enabling you to take action in your life. Appreciate your drawing, feel its energy and embrace the rendering on a daily basis. Harness the feelings of joy and accomplishment gifted by the artwork and ignite your spirit motivating the actions necessary to manifest your dreams. May this Dream Street Art help you find your path to a healthier and happier you!

Manifest your dreams with Dream Street Art
What is on your wish list? It is the perfect time of year to contemplate how to improve your well being. Are you someone who is content with your life and its substance or are there desires that might better enhance your journey? Whether you're dreaming for materialistic wants, yearning for a more enhanced spiritual connection or your inner desire craves a new love in your life, you have the power to manifest your dreams!

As taught by the Secret, think of yourself as a magnet and, realize, you attract like things. Your mindset creates your own destiny; this is called the Law of Attraction. Is your line of thought sending the universe an invitation for hardship through focused anxiety or are you manifesting your dreams?

Start by determining what you really want. Stay sincere during this process. Look through magazines or print on-line pictures to create a collage depicting your dreams or commission a Dream Street Art drawing. Use this vision board and/or drawing to help train your mind to keep these dreams active and in your thoughts. Hang the drawing/board somewhere you frequent often; maybe in your bedroom so you can look at it when you first awake each day and before you drift off to sleep each night. Envision your life with your dreams fulfilled and embrace these feelings of gratification to turn your fantasy into real life bliss. Dream it, feel it, appreciate it and make it happen! Make sure to create space in your life to welcome your vision. For example, if you want a new wardrobe, clean out your closet of the clothes you no longer wear (maybe donate the ones in good condition to create good karma), make sure it's ready and awaiting the new outfits!

Remember, let go of your negativity and find your silver lining regardless of the situation. We all know life can be hard but by focusing on the hardship, you're empowering it and attracting the wrong type of energy. Take back your life and train your mind to think positive. Send out magnetic vibrations to attract and create the happiness you deserve. There is no time like the present to believe in yourself and manifest your dreams!

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