Gifts of compassion for those suffering loss, bereavement or sudden life hardship.

Click on the thumbnail photo below to view my Dream Street Artwork. Nature Refuge is my self-portrait Dream Street Art oil pastel drawing. It is reflective of my inner peace which I achieve through spirituality, nature and inspirational artwork. When I look at this drawing, depicting me reading a book in this beautiful and calm setting, it reminds me to embrace such feelings and continue to manifest this serenity in my life. It helps ground me regardless of what Iím going through at the time Iím gazing at it! All personalized sales are final. Frames can vary.

Manifest through Dream Street Art
Manifest through Dream Street Art
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Manifest through Dream Street Art
Process your shopping cart order and then E-mail the artist with several pictures of yourself. These are utilized to draw you in the artwork. Include any other photos you want as part of the rendering. You can describe the setting instead of sending a photo of it although a self photo is required to create the artwork. Click on the email link: Email the artist, Kathy Williams

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