Gifts of compassion for those suffering loss, bereavement or sudden life hardship.

Manifest "healthy dreams" with a Prayer, Faith or Transition Dreamcatcher and/or honor the remembrance of a loved one (people and animals) with a Remembrance Dreamcatcher.

Dream Catcher Visualizations ~ Remembrances
Dream Catcher Visualizations ~ Remembrances
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What dreamcatcher are you ordering?:  If it's an animal dreamcatcher order, type what it is in this field.: Who is this remembrance honoring if applicable? Type their first name and your relationship.: Would you like their first name added to your dreamcatcher if applicable?:  How did you hear about Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC?:

Description of this work of art

The Dreamcatcher reflected in the photo is a commissioned piece in remembrance of a person. It is approximately 4" in diameter. The center reflects an angel and the name "Louella" on a delicate piece of paper stitched within a light material. Thread holds the centerpiece in place of the dreamcatcher. Feathers with beads hang under it.

Dreamcatchers orders for animals include the word Love with hearts and paw prints on the centerpiece. Orders specifying first names also reflect the name on the piece.

Prayer and Faith Dreamcatchers also reflect the angel shown in this picture with the words, The Power of Prayer or Keep the Faith (order specific), and Transition Dreamcatchers reflect a butterfly with the words, Transition Gifts Healing. All Dreamcatchers are priced at $10 plus shipping and handling and tax if applicable.

Light of Love product line was inspired by Scruples, my beautiful cat who filled my life with joy! He passed in April of 2010. His line came to the market July of 2010 & I'm still adding products like the dreamcatchers today!

Gifts of compassion, words of hope...