Gifts of compassion for those suffering loss, bereavement or sudden life hardship.

Order a personalized Keepsake Reflections Jar; honor your relationship with your loved one and/or beloved pet.

Keepsake Reflections Jar, add to your cart & email your photo to the artist;
Keepsake Reflections Jar, add to your cart & email your photo to the artist;
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Is your jar being created in memory of a person or animal?:  Would you like the photo in your jar to be colored or black and white? Please realize black and white photos work best (the artist can turn any photo into black and white that you forward if you wish).:  Who are you honoring in the piece? Provide their name, your relationship & their birth & death date if you know them. If it's an animal, what is it?: Would you like a pressed flower added to your jar?:  How did you hear about Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC?:

Description of this work of art

Create a centerpiece with this unique eco-friendly recycled Jar craft. This Keepsake Reflections Jar honors life. The glass jar varies in size; the one shown in the picture reflects the size 7" x 3" and it is created in remembrance of a person. The top is capped with a small knob handle centered for gripping/opening purposes. Inside the glass one side is lined with your loved one's photo, a flower (if requested) and a cross. The jar is accessorized with a memorial type ornament (photo reflects a key). If commissioned for an animal the jar will include an animal toy or hanging piece, and the wrap around the neck will be a small collar where an outside ornament also hangs. It is a piece created to reflect & honor your loved one's life. Life healing art soothes the spirit. Price is $35.00 plus shipping and handling and tax if applicable. Accessories can vary.

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