Gifts of compassion for those suffering loss, bereavement or sudden life hardship.
"Universal Touch" In loving memory of a sibling
"A View From The Top" Grieving the loss of a grandparent
"Brave Soul" Grief Recovery for Parents bereaving the loss of their adult child
"Bundles of Love" Grieving the loss of a baby
"Healing" written for those suffering the loss of a loved one
"Heart Print" surviving the loss of a significant other
"Mommys an Angel Now" Mourning the loss of a mother
"Passage" Poetry written for those bereaving through Hospice
"Seasons of Change", nature's reflection for those suffering through a divorce
"Whiskers From Beyond" Mourning the loss of a pet
"Winds of Change" Poem for overcoming hardship
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2012 College Proposal Page 1
A Mothers Love Oil Pastel Black & White Drawing- SOLD
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Belle Tower SchoolCraft College Alumni Magazine Interview
Blending In Oil Pastel Drawing
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Commissioned Writing, "In Memory Of" insert with pressed flower
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Dream Catcher Visualizations ~ Remembrances
Eyes of Innocence Oil Pastel Drawing- SOLD
Free Spirit Oil Pastel Work of Art- SOLD
Healing Resources
Hopeful Flight Water Color Painting
Inspirational and Bereavement Products ~ people & pets
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Lantern Set (Mother's Day set, includes 2, shown in picture)
Let's Make Soup
Light of Love Memory Lanterns, Encouraging loving Remembrance
Loyalty Oil Pastel Drawing- SOLD
Man's Best Friend, Oil Pastel Art Drawing- SOLD
Manifest through Dream Street Art
Manifest your dreams with Dream Street Art
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Nature Refuge, Dream Street Art Drawing
Nature's Nectar
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Peaceful Sleep
Peaceful Stillness Oil Pastel Artwork- SOLD
Peek A Boo Oil Pastel Art Piece- GIFTED
Playful Fear Oil Pastel Drawing
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Reflections Oil Pastel Drawing
Seeds of Remembrance & Strength Card Set
Seeds of Remembrance, Loss of Cat Sympathy Card
Seeds of Remembrance, Loss of Dog Sympathy Card
Seeds of Strength, Encouragement Card
Serene Brook Painting- Piece was gifted
Sleeping Angel Oil Pastel Drawing- SOLD
Spiritual Reflection Jars
Timid Uncertainty Oil Pastel Drawing- SOLD
Valentine Day/Mother's Day, Light of Love Lantern
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What Can I Say When Words Escape Me, being present in times of sorrow (Image reflects Table of Contents from book)
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Gifts of compassion, words of hope...