Gifts of compassion for those suffering loss, bereavement or sudden life hardship.

Scruples, my cat, passed April, 2010 after blessing me with many beautiful years with him. I created my "Light of Love for Scruples line" which includes Memory lanterns, Seeds of Remembrance sympathy & encouragement cards and memorial type artwork. All of the products include his precious paw print which keeps him walking around in the world! It is an on-going line with more products in development.

Inspirational and Bereavement Products ~ people & pets
Capture precious moments with your beloved by commissioning a piece of art, plant butterfly seeds from the Remembrance card-line as a memorial for your loved one and allow the light of love lanterns to encourage you to reflect upon your time together. May this life healing art enable you to continue to embrace your loved ones in new ways for many years to come!

Gifts of compassion, words of hope...