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We offer gifts of compassion for those suffering loss, bereavement or sudden life hardships.

Lifetime Art Impression, LLC (LAI) offers "comforting words" for those struggling to find the right thing to say to a friend in their time of need.

Purchase a LAI inspirational written work of therapeutic art and help a loved one move beyond their pain. Allow the nature photos and encouraging words to uplift your heart and hug the souls of those suffering.

View the gallery of inspirational poetry and purchase a healing work to help energize and renew the spirit!

You may also purchase upscale fine art at affordable prices. Add a special piece to your collection or gift a friend with an original Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC commissioned drawing. Let me capture your cherished memories and provide you with a creative conversation piece. Share a gift that touches the heart!

See the Artwork Gallery to order your commissioned drawing by artist and author Kathryn Williams and/or her sister, Tracey Carr right away!

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Would you like Kathy to come into your circle (church or community group) for an interactive life healing and uplifting inspirational discussion, creative workshop or drawing class? If so, send her an email to prompt a quote and/or meeting. She'll be happy to work with you and share her inspirational life healing art message!

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Kathy is a successful business woman. If you need consulting help in your business, allow her 20 plus years of business experience in a manufacturing environment (customer service, sales, purchasing & management), help you reach a new business success level. Email her for more information.

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